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Emma and Bryse

Emma and Bryse



This blog was created as an outlet for my musings and ramblings about dogs, agility, and being an instructor.

I am owned by five dogs, all mixed-breeds, and all either rescues (4) or rehomes (1).  I play agility with three of them, and my son plays agility with the fourth.  Rounding out the pack is the spoiled lap-dog.

My two competition dogs are Maxx and Storm.  Maxx was born to do agility and has accomplished great things.  He is my heart dog and is responsible for introducing me to the sport that has become my obsession.  Storm is my wild, wacky, forever-grateful dog.  She was starving when she was found in the mountains and is so happy to have a place to call home and food to eat.  She is a great agility dog, and wicked fast, even though she is not always completely under control :-).

Dash may be the always-in-training, never-a-competition dog.  He is phenomenal, fast, and fun, but at 4 years old is still a terminal puppy.  We have some major “issues” to fix before we can trial, but we keep plugging along, going to classes, because he enjoys it so much.

Emma plays agility with my 17-year-old son.  Truth be told, I am looking forward to taking her over when he finishes high school and moves on to the next phase of his life.

Last but not least is Cleo, the prima donna lap dog.  She is the oldest, the smallest, and the one nobody else messes with!


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