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NADAC Trial May 1 – 3

We enjoyed our first outdoor trial of the year this past weekend.  My son sprained his ankle, so I ended up running all three dogs on Friday and Saturday.  He hobbled through 4 of the 5 runs on Sunday with Emma.  I had a good time running his dog.  She is as fast as, if not faster than, my two dogs.

I don’t find NADAC as challenging as some of the other venues as far as handling is concerned.  However, it does take a different set of skills to be able to successfully complete a course when the dogs are running full-out.  Weave entries and contacts definitely become more challenging.  It is always fun to test our distance skills as well, since the distances in other venues are much shorter.  I stick with it because my dogs love it so much.  You can see how happy they are when they are flying through the courses.

Maxx qualified in 8 of 13 runs.  Our retrained contacts are definitely not trial ready, so I wasn’t expecting much.  He actually hit the yellow more than I thought he would.  

Storm qualified in 7 of 13 runs.  She finished her Superior Novice Weavers title, her Open Touch N Go title, and her Superior Open Jumpers title.  She had some smoking fast runs.  Both Maxx and Storm had jumpers and tunnelers runs that were 6+ yards per second.

I’ve linked to some video below.  There is one run of Emma’s, three of Maxx’s, and three of Storm’s.

Emma NADAC 5/09

Storm NADAC 5/09

Maxx NADAC 5/09


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  1. Congratulations on a fabulous weekend. Maxx and Storm are awesome. How did you and Emma do?

    Comment by Jackie | May 5, 2009 | Reply

    • Emma and I did pretty well. She still needs lots of work on contacts. Her weave poles are much improved though! I think the final tally was 5 of 13 with Qs in Hoopers, Weavers, Chances, Jumpers, and Regular. Her tunnelers run was really going well until I did a blind cross. Apparently Bryse doesn’t practice blind crosses, so she was clueless…

      Comment by lorriemaxx | May 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. Very cool. Sounds like a pretty successful weekend.

    Comment by Jackie | May 5, 2009 | Reply

  3. I couldn’t see the videos from work earlier… very nice runs.

    Comment by Jackie | May 5, 2009 | Reply

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