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Retraining Contacts: Session 8

The nice weather has stuck around, so I was out with all three dogs again yesterday. I’m trying to help Dash better understand weave entries by using some of Susan Garrett’s 2X2 training steps. I taped all of our training and playing. I threw the ball for Dash 105 times. That’s not a typo – 105. Thank heavens for chuck-its!

Storm got to work on her 2o/2o contacts, speeding up the teeter, and threadles.

Maxx had a pretty good session. We worked the lowered dogwalk with a hoop, and I raised the A-Frame a bit more. We did 10 repetitions on the dogwalk. One was slow, but the others were good. We did 8 repetitions of the A-Frame with the hoop. Now that I have raised it some more, I’m going to have to either attach the hoop to the frame so it is at an angle, or move it out from the bottom of the frame. Maxx is hitting it with his tail or rear end every time. We did one last repetition with no hoop. He didn’t jump! The video is below. I hope everyone is enjoying this journey in retraining as much as I am! Comments or suggestions are welcome.

Maxx contacts session 8


April 25, 2009 - Posted by | Agility

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  1. It looks really good to me. Diana

    Comment by Diana | April 26, 2009 | Reply

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