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Retraining Contacts: Session 6

I took Maxx out for a short training session again today.  He is still running all the way down the dogwalk at half-height.  I raised the A-Frame about a foot, and he ran all the way to the bottom of that one too.  I am harboring no illusions that I will get this same behavior at trials yet, but at least I think there is hope for the future!

The link to the video is below.  It is very short (20 sec or so) because the camera died after the dogwalk section.  The mountains aren’t so pretty today – sorry!

Maxx session 6


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Tip Of The Day – Setting Up At The Start Line

Always set your up dog far enough from the first jump for them to be in full stride when they go over it.  This allows them to get up to speed before starting the timers and can cut 1 – 3 seconds off of your course time!

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