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Dash the Wild One

In my profile, I talk about my dog that may never trial.  For your entertainment, click on the link below for a great illustration of why I say that.  Keep in mind that he is 4 1/2!

Crazy Dash

We have two main issues that are keeping us from trialing.  First, he is quiet in his crate at home, but anywhere else, if I leave, he whines, barks, and carries on.  We have been working on this in class, but it is slow going.  Second, he LOVES other dogs and is so excited to play that he looks like he is lunging at them.  He is the only one of my dogs that really, really likes other dogs, but I have to be more careful with him than the others!  It is also pretty irritating to have a dog head bouncing next to you while you walk.  Maybe someday we will get his issues worked out.  Katrina keeps telling me he might be ready when he is 8 – funny woman.

I have a new training article almost done!  I’ll try to post it tomorrow. 


April 19, 2009 - Posted by | Agility

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  1. Lorrie, Dash has made incredible improvements. There was a time when he couldn’t handle even a sequence of 3 jumps.

    Comment by Kim W | April 27, 2009 | Reply

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